LifeWorks Seminar
Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is food provided? 

A - No.  We recommend that you eat a substantial breakfast & bring lunch since lunch is not at a preset time.  Lunch is approximately 30 minutes. 

Q - Should I attend with my partner?

A - If you & your partner are supportive of one another, attending together will provide each of you with a common experience on which to build from as well as an idea of what each of you have encountered.  However, if one of you would feel intimidated or possibly hold back feelings & thoughts, than attending together might not be as beneficial.

Q - What if I have another commitment during part of the training?

A - To get the maximum value you need to be committed to attending the training in its entirety.  If you cannot reschedule other commitments, you should consider attending the training when you can commit to the full schedule.

Q - Is this group therapy?

A - No, this is not group therapy.   Participants will be offered the opportunity to explore what gets in the way of reaching their maximum potential. 

Q - Is this training designed to change or challenge my sexual orientation?

A - No, the training is designed to assist each participation in empowering themselves to reach their potential, not to change their sexual orientation.  The experiential nature of the sessions is geared toward empowerment no matter what orientation an individual identifies with.

Q - Will religion be a part of this training?

A - The training is not set up to follow any religious beliefs.  If religion, or any other topic for that matter, does arise, it will be because the participants bring it up.

Q - What if I’m currently in therapy?

A - This training is not designed to replace therapy.  We would suggest discussing your plans of attending the training with your therapist so they are aware of what you are going to do and are available to support you.