Seminar Testimonials

quotes  There is really no comparison to the way my life was prior to the training.  I was shut down, felt little hope that I would amount to much that would give me passion and excitement.  I was using all kinds of things to numb out my life, men, shopping, food, sports, anything that got my mind off me having to be responsible or passionate.  When I went to the training I was liberated to see not only who I was for the world, but also that the life I had was created by me and therefore I could create a new life if I chose.  All of the sudden everyday was filled with wonder, life and love for the first time in my life, I cannot imagine where I would have ended up if I did not do this training   quotes

Amy, LifeWorks Team Member

quotes  For me the seminar offered transformation in that it brought about awareness of how and when I allow God to exist.  It offered a new exchange of encounter with endless possibility which I had become oblivious to and in turn I learned to acknowledge the limitations I placed on myself and others.   quotes

Brenton, LifeWorks Team Member

quotes  "All I can say is that this seminar has forever changed the rest of my life!  I came into the room dying from a sixteen year HIV/AIDS diagnosis, drug addicted, hopeless and existing, waiting to die.  By the last day I felt reconnected to life in the most profound and powerful way.  I didn't feel like I was all alone anymore, there were other who cared about me and understood me.  I discovered that I was still lovable and able to give love.  For the first time in my life I got that God wasn't through with me yet and that He had more work for me to do so I'd better get busy living again!"   quotes

Austin Nation

quotes  "Having the opportunity to participate in a transformational training truly changed my life.  I was able to get a chance to see how I impacted others, which was often not the way I had intended.  The great thing about the opportunity was it allowed me to try on new behaviors and ways of being with others in a safe environment and see how sometimes even subtle changes in words used, body language, etc could absolutely change the course of an interaction.!"   quotes

Kristen, LifeWorks Team Member

quotes  "After I went through my workshop, my life changed and I transformed my life to a life that I loved. I didn't fear anymore, and I knew that those things that I keep telling myself, "NO", "I can't" or "I am not worthy of" were being looked as a "YES, I can!" I began to live."   quotes

Theo, LifeWorks Team Member

quotes  "I went through a training and realized that I have the power of choice and that makes all the difference.  I have chosen where I am at, where I am going, and where I end up.  The amount of freedom in this simple, yet profound, realization is limitless."   quotes

Mike, LifeWorks Team Member