What is LifeWorks Seminar?

Three themes that will be interwoven throughout the seminar:


This seminar is about discovery and transformation of self and community.

  • How your worldview is formed by your past experiences
  • How your thinking is affecting your behavior and how your behavior is affecting the people in your life
  • How honest you are about your thoughts and feelings
  • How your past experiences have affected the level of trust you are willing to give others
  • How to utilize conflict resolution in the workplace to create a more safe and open environment
  • How the coping mechanisms you developed as a child to make sense of the world no longer work in adulthood
  • How your attitude toward things determines both your experience and behavior
  • How to go from victim to responsible in taking control of your life
  • How to determine your intentions versus impact in your relationships and community and what to do with “conflicting intentions” when your intention and impact don’t line up
  • How broken promises can have a negative impact on your relationships
  • How to utilize negotiation in the workplace to create an effective and creative environment
  • How giving and receiving feedback can have a positive impact on your relationships
  • How to “generously listen” so that those around you feel heard
  • How to resolve conflicts and negotiate healthy boundaries in relationships